Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Governor Walker: Get Your Facts Straight!

In his State of the State address on Tuesday night, Governor Walker boasted that, “After a lengthy process, the first report card evaluating each school in the state was released at the start of the school year.”

“Each school” Governor Walker?

 What about the 112 private voucher schools funded by the taxpayer? They aren’t included.

Either Walker conveniently “forgot” this troublesome fact, or else he doesn’t know what he is are talking about. Either way, he shouldn’t be trusted.

This year, the publicly funded yet privately run voucher schools enrolled almost 25,000 students — making the program the third largest school district in the state. And yet voucher schools weren’t included in the state’s new “report card” for individual schools, released for the first time ever this fall.

Why not?

Perhaps because the private institutions who benefit from this program want public money but not public accountability? (85% of the students in the voucher program attend religious schools.)

Governor Walker, why should people support your plan to expand the voucher program throughout the state?

It’s time to support the Milwaukee Public Schools, the only institution in Milwaukee that has the capacity, commitment and legal obligation to serve all children in the city.

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